Monday, May 30, 2016



Good for sports, bad for surgeries, okay for a test, depending on your standards.

I'm very grateful to Anne for starting #MTBoS30, and the early adopters that greased the skids for me to do it to. I've blogged more this month than I did all last year!

The posts I'm the most glad I wrote:
  • Queen of Quilts - just for the appreciation of Elizabeth, but I like that GeoGebra bit a lot as well.
  • Not Subtracting - such an opportunity, to tagalong in a conversation with Dan Meyer, Marilyn Burns and the MTBoS.
  • Commentary - for a reminder to myself to think this out. My colleague Clark Wells said this is what he was talking to me about, so there's hope for more local discussion.
  • More Tessallations - for the chance to share student work and math I love. Several students have blogged about it since, and I love that kind of resonance.
Amazingly I still haven't gotten to everything I wanted to write about. A couple of new games, some lessons from last semester, some hand drawn mathart, and the 3rd grade mathart project. (And the Hamilton song parody.)

My take away from the month is that I like blogging. Why don't I do it more?  I think because I've forgotten the reason I started, which is the reason I ask my students to write and try to get my kids to write. It is good for you on the atomic level. The conversation, the curation, the community - those are excellent side dishes. Writing makes you think.

So do I make a commitment to more? 2/month, 1/week, every Monday? I don't know - I'm not very good at these commitments. After not having given up the MTBoS30 each morning, I know I should be ready to be Dread Pirate Roberts. But I'll settle for being a member of the Goon Squad.

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  1. If you can be influenced by requests, I would vote for blogs about your new games next. Pretty please?