Sunday, December 22, 2013

Activate Prompt

Looking at the blog it looks like I retired from teaching! Disappointing oreo lesson and I'm out. I think this has been my most extended blogging absence...

.. and this is only a brief return. But there should be more posts coming if I get a chance to write up all the stuff I was doing.

Matt Enlow tweeted: One of my favorite Geo lessons of the year: Put down the iPads. Let's talk. How could we define the "center" of a triangle?

I responded: wish would put together one of his cool electronic samplers for that.

Dan asked: “Electronic samplers”? (I meant like his Ice Cream Stand Future Text)

Matt explained: Maybe Ss are given a series of ∆s and asked to click where they believe the "center" to be? Then show all marks at once

But Christopher  saved the day: That is easy in activeprompt. No need to involve Mr. M

Oh, yeah! ActivePrompt. Riley Lark's cool programming venture for making interactive polling diagrams that I always meant to do but never got around to doing. Pretty quickly - with a slight distraction of making a GeoGebra sketch with tools to find four of the centers - I put together three prompts. Want to try them? (If you're an early reader, don't expect much of the results!) (EDIT: turns out the responses are only visible if you're logged into Active Prompt. After a few responses accumulate I'll post the pictures. Try the polls though!)

Poll and Results

Poll and Results

Poll and Results

I'm pretty curious to see the results! Want to compare to the geometric centers? Here are those images.

Thanks, Matt, Christopher, Dan and Riley. Now that I've blogged about it, I'm sure I'll remember ActivePrompt next time.