Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Brown vs Board of Education

62 damn years. And still the New York Times can print this:

Why this does not fill everyone with rage, I cannot understand.

This does not include Title I, which was designed to make supplemental education for lower income students possible. Over and over statistics show that we are falling short. The best predictor for success in school is zip code.

Is this just unfixable? If it is, is it because of financial inequality? History of white privilege? Racism, current, prior, explicit, implicit?

Man, I'm bumming myself out.

I'm part of the problem. I work at a university that struggles to increase diversity, despite being within 30 miles of 3 very diverse cities. My kids go to a 95%+ white high school, because we had a chance to live close to the water and couldn't resist.

From where will hope come?

I know education helps, but expecting education to fix inequality while being broken is foolhardy and unfair.

Empowerment is the only way out. And math has to be part of it.

Sorry to be a downer. Recommendations from me include:

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