Math x Art

I'm intentionally trying to focus on math & art activities more this year, so I wanted to start a page on the blog to collect resources and posts and ideas as they develop and that we've done in the past.  There's a lot of input from students, preservice teachers and other teachers here, but I especially have to shout out to Susan Walborn (who got me started on this) and Heather Harrington Minnebo (my current partner in crime). (Note: tessellations have their own page.)

Suggestions for additions to this page are welcome, encouraged and sought out!

History of Infinity, Becca Wittebols
Her design process

I have gotten to share at Twitter Math Camp and the Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics on integrating math and art. The evolving presentation page:

Heather Minnebo and I shared some K-2 MathArt at Math in Action 2017.

Historical Artists 
Current Artists & Mathematicians
Thanks to Martin Holtham and Tim Cieploski for lots of great suggestions above.

John's tried
Others' Lessons
More in the resources, just keep scrolling!




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  1. Do these sorts of things fit:
    Mondrian Puzzle from Mathpickle, Art & Sculpture from the Art of Mathematics series, flexagons, origami, fractals?