Friday, May 20, 2016

Learning Slow

My spouse and I have been learning Tai Chi with a seniors' class, and it is awesome.

We've been going for maybe 15 months, and we haven't finished the first form yet. (Yang 24)

Marna is the teacher, and she is great. She knows her students, what they need, and how to help them reach it. She does lots of formative assessment, watching us, trying just hands and just feet, sometimes having us watch her. If a student forgets, it's okay. If a student is new, "just fudge it until you understand." She lets us know the benefits of what we are doing. She shares with us stories from when she learned from Paul Lam. She knows that doing what we're doing is the point. Even if some students really want to know and keep the form.

We had a short break while she had two knees replaced, and then she was back teaching exercise classes over two counties.

I'm learning patience as a learner. I hope I'm learning patience as a teacher.

As well as to focus on what doing math is doing for my students.

Let's breathe, shall we?

p.s. I know the title sounds like bad grammar, but it's what I mean.

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