Friday, November 8, 2019


Quick math game post. 

My preservice teachers have been working on Family Math Night games, to somewhat mixed effect. ( ) Camille and Jada found a game where you used playing cards to put them in order. As I was thinking about a game for betweenness and number comparison, this popped up whole sale. Though Camille and Jada have not been wowed, I was impressed with some of the thinking I saw.

We're using Tiny Polka Dot cards, but you could play with playing cards, or my preference, number cards the kids make themselves. (Like Paula's awesome cards.)

Start: Each play draws two cards and puts them in low-high order. Whoever has the highest high card goes first. (Tie, highest low card goes first. Both tied... figure it out!)

Play: draw a card. You use it to replace one of your cards, your choice. If it was between them (the hamburger in the bun), you score the replaced card. Otherwise, discard the card.

Winner: first player to five scored cards. (Flexible to adjust length.)

Example: you have a 3 and a 6. The next card you draw is a 7. You could replace the 3 (having 6 & 7) or the 6 (giving you 3 & 7, definitely better for fitting in between.)

Now you have a 3 and a 7 and you draw a 4. Replace the 3 and put it in your score pile, one point. You have a 4 & 7 for your bun.

The homemade or Polka Dot cards give an opportunity to work on cardinality, and comparison is an often overlooked part of number sense. The subtle thing here is deciding which card you replace which works on difference. The catch up mechanic is that scoring a point narrows your window, which makes it harder till you score your next point.

Quick, fun, but I guess not for everyone.