Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michigan Smith

This is a fun game that I've used 2nd-4th grade and at a family math night with some older kids. Also with my preservice teachers, of course. It practices measurement technique and familiarity with cm, as well as sneaking in some geometry about efficient paths and distances. There's not a lot of strategy, but there is some. The downside to the game is needing a new sheet each time you play - unless you laminate, of course.

The name Michigan Smith is my takeoff on Indiana Jones. This would be an easy game to dress up, or have kids make their own variation. The Gauntlet of Power picture is from the Magic the Gathering card of the same name, and is tm Wizards of the Coast.

The pdf is here at my faculty website. As an image it's below. Comments and feedback are always welcome.


  1. Very fun game, thanks for the idea. I am currently teaching measurement with my third graders and am thinking of adjusting this to inches to begin with. We also measure to the half inch so I am trying to find a way to fit that in as well.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Just seeing this now. Where do the students begin? Anywhere? (confused)

  3. Nobody ever brought that up! I have students start from the upper right corner.