Wednesday, July 1, 2009

For your listening and viewing pleasure

One of the many interesting ceiling panels.

Goals of Math Ed
Arthur Benjamin, self-proclaimed mathemagician and a very popular mathematician among teaching mathematicians, at TED on why calculus is not an appropriate pinnacle for math education. To be replaced by: discrete mathematics (statistics and probability).

Teacher Props
Taylor Mali, teacher/slam poet on What Teachers Make. One of my calc students shared this. As Mike warned me, I'll warn you: profanity.

Interesting glass floor and 6 or 7 story dome of the main rotunda.

An audio link from the new teacher resource center: an audio interview with Suzanne Lieurance, a teacher trainer and children's author, about planning in threes. There's a lot here that's compatible with workshop teaching, emphasis on assessment and evaluation and teaching for engagement. A form for note taking is in the post here.

The graphics are from the beautifully restored Michigan State Capitol that we visited this weekend, which include a couple of nice mathematical designs . Lots of nice 4-, 8- and 16-fold rotational symmetry. And much nice frieze-type translational symmetry, too. The architect was Elijah Meyers, and this was his crowning work.

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