Since I started this page, the #MTBoS - Math Twitter Blog-o-Sphere - has become self-aware. No, I mean has kind of self-organized through the efforts of several of the teachers listed below. Still no officers or voting, thank heavens, but so much synergy. One of the best starting points is and, on that site, some of the resources the community has developed.

I love Twitter as one form of a professional learning community. I don't think it's for everyone, but there's a lot of good resources and conversation to be had with insightful people. I'm there as @mathhombre. Now I would have just chose @JohnGolden, but ... oh, well. Live and learn. Your letters will count against the 140 characters when people tweet you, so keep it concise. Twitter is not case sensitive, but your name will appear with capitals as you enter them.
One of the dangers of making a list is leaving off someone whom you most certainly think should be on. Think of this as a subset of my actual recommendations. Some people could be listed in all categories, but I've picked just one. Most people here do not use Twitter solely professionally, but I've had more than a few good book recommendations, movies, food, etc from people, too. There's some serious overlap with my reading recommendations for blogs. If you know someone a beginning twitterer should follow, please leave their name in the comments. The main list bias is thinking about the people I followed that sucked me into Twitter, though some of them may tweet less now.

Methodology: pick a couple, then start following where some of their tweets lead you. I strongly encourage you to tweet also, and to reply to people with whom you want to converse. Unlike any other situation I can think of, it is okay to be a stalker for a while first, though, if you are uncomfortable tweeting. The main thing is to give it a go.

The short URL for this page is My personal QuickCheck list is well maintained based on conversations I'm having. This list is woefully inadequate; I know I've left off people who have given me great insights or prompts or answers... but that's only because this is a wonderful community of people.

(Some of the) Community Organizers
Justin Aion, @JustinAion
Tina Cardone, @crstn85 + #NixtheTricks
Michael Fenton, @mjfenton + #slowmathchat + Desmos
Megan Hayes-Golding, @mgolding + #globalmath
Lisa Henry, @lmhenry9  + Twitter Math Camp
Dylan Kane, @math8_teacher
Rachel Kernoodle, @rdkpickle
Dan Meyer, @ddmeyer OG + Desmos
Fawn Nguyen, @fawnpnguyen  + Visual Patterns
Kate Nowak, @k8nowak
Michael Pershan, @mpershan
Julie Reulbach, @jreulbach
Sam Shah, @samjshah

Elementary teachers and support
Brian Bushart, @bstockus
Graham Fletcher, @gfletchy
Simon Gregg, @Simon_Gregg + Manipulative king 
Pernille Rip, @pernilleripp + literacy focus
Joe Schwartz, @JSchwartz10a
Kassia Wedekind, @kassiaowedekind + Math Exchanges 

Secondary teachers and support
Brian Anderson, @Anderson02B
Dan Anderson, @dandersod + programming
Jed Butler, @MathButler
Jim Doherty, @mrdardy + geometry 
Bridget Dunbar, @BridgetDunbar
Sadie Estrella, @wahedahbug
Jill Gough, @jgough + Visual notes
Patrick Honner, @MrHonner + Math for America
Geoff Krall, @emergentmath  + New Tech Schools
Jessica, @algebraniac1
Robert Kaplinsky, @robertkaplinsky 
Nathan Kraft, @nathankraft1
Mike Lawler, @mikeandallie + Family Math
Audrey McLaren, @a_mcsquared
Chris Robinson, @absvalteachingAndrew Stadel, @mr_stadel + Estimation 180
Megan Schmidt, @Veganmathbeagle
Jennifer Silverman, @jensilvermath
Elizabeth Statmore, @cheesemonkeysf + Talking points, restorative practice
Matt Vaudrey, @MrVaudrey
Jennifer Wilson, @jwilson828

Pat Bellew, @OnThisDayinMath + Math history
Paula Beardell Krieg, @PaulaKrieg  + Math/art
Ben Orlin, @benorlin + Math with Bad Drawings
Malke Rosenfeld, @mathinyourfeet, + Math/dance
Ed Southall, @solvemymaths + Mr. Math

Math Ed Community
Marilyn Burns, @mburnsmath
Grace Chen, @graceachen
Dave Coffey, @delta_dc
Christopher Danielson, @Trianglemancsd + WODB, Math on a Stick, TMWYK...
Annie Fetter, @MFAnnie + Math Forum
Maria Droujkova, @MariaDroujkova
Ilana Horn, @tchmathculture
Henry Piccioto, @hpicciotto
Sam Otten, @ottensam
Max Ray, @maxmathforum + Math Forum
Tracy Johnston Zager, @TracyZager 

Post-secondary math
Alexander Bogomolny, @CutTheKnotMath
Tim Chartier, @timchartier
Tim Cieploski,  @timteachesmath
John D. Cook, @JohnDCook
Gary Davis, @RepublicofMath
Edmund Harriss, @Gelada  Joe Di Noto, @mathteacher1729
Evelyn Lamb, @evelynjlamb
Kate Owens,  @katemath
Cliff Pickover, @pickover
Dave Richeson, @divbyzero
Shecky Riemann, @SheckyR 
Robert Talbert, @RobertTalbert
James Tanton, @jamestanton + Problems galore
Roy Wright, @Sted304A 

Ed Reform & Equity
Rafranz Davis, @RafranzDavis
Mike Goldenberg, @mikegold1950
Diane Ravitch, @DianeRavitch
Paul Thomas, @plthomasEdD
Jose Vilson,  @TheJLV

Ed Tech
Desmos, @desmos
GeoGebra, @geogebra
Derek Bruff, @derekbruff
Alec Couros, @courosa
Andrew Gael, @bkdidact
David Wees, @davidwees
Lisa Nielsen, @InnovativeEdu

Illustrative Maths, @IllustrateMath
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, @NCTM (plus the journals TCM, MTMS & MT)
NRICH, @nrichmaths
Mathematical Association of America, @maanow

Hashtags - Twitter has this brilliant built in search system that lets you tag your own post which connects it directly to all other posts with that tag. It's what makes conversations with people you don't follow possible. I like using a 3rd party client for chats, like tweetchat, but it's not necessary.

Famous Folk - there are celebrities on Twitter, of course. One of the things that makes it hard to get teachers to take it seriously. But there are famous science types on Twitter, also. They tend not to interact as much as the regular folk do, but can link you to good resources or stuff about themselves. People like Keith Devlin, Ivars Peterson, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson.


  1. Adding to the list:
    @JohnDCook (and all his Fact of the Day Accounts)

  2. My top pick for primary school teachers and all parents: Christopher Danielson @trianglemancsd and the associated hashtag #tmwyk (talking math with your kids).

    Also, #MTBoS. That one was probably too obvious for you to think of including!