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The Official Sites

  • Click on Downloads for the free mobile or computer  Pick your OS to download to your machine - including tablets! Tablets are at the top, laptop/desktop below. (Note: Windows 8 can download either: get the desktop.)
  • Click on Materials to browse GeoGebraTube to see what people have made already. These sketches can be run in a browser on desktop or mobile. The uploaded materials are searchable, like YouTube. Worksheets can be downloaded (everything is CC3.0), liked, or organized into GeoGebraBooks.
  • Click on Start GeoGebra to open Web GeoGebra in your browser, which has most of the functionality of the full program.
The awesome and searchable GeoGebraTube is what has made this program flat out amazing. A large, rapidly going archive of shared materials with creative commons licensing that can be used in browser or downloaded and customized. You can get a free account, favorite, like and comment on sketches and build your own collection that's then available in teacher or student view. Here's a few sketches on which to start.

The Help tab takes you to the wiki, which has a Manual, the Forum (I've never waited more than a day for help), Tutorials, and Tool Tips and Tricks. Here's a Quick Start guide (pdf).

For Twitter Math Camp 2015 Jed, Audrey and I pulled together a good list (Gdoc) of resources and tasks for GGB users at multiple levels.

On Twitter you can include #ggbchat or @geogebra to get help. But a lot of people in the #MTBoS can help or connect you with someone who can. The Geogebra Facebook page is a good way to keep up on developments, meetings, etc. There is also an active GeoGebra community on Google Plus.  There is an online, peer-reviewed journal, North American GeoGebra Journal. I maintain a twitter list of excellent GeoGebra folk, also.

GeoGebra Resources by other people

My GeoGebra Work
All Blog Posts, usually discuss use with students or GeoGebra methods.
All Tumblr Posts, usually just the sketch with a picture & links, the bulk of my GeoGebra sketches.
All GeoGebraTube uploads (my profile) as well as some collections of others' sketches.


GeoGebra Features/Techniques
GeoGebraTube Profiles to browse
    Request for Requests: I love making these sketches. If you have something you want made for your class, I would be very happy to take a crack at it. Just email me or tweet and we'll give it a go.  In particular, I'm looking for algebraic ideas/needs for visualization.

    Anything is fair game!