Friday, December 3, 2010

Triangle Puzzle

Have you ever had a nice problem that you just thought about at odd moments?  Boring meeting, stuck waiting somewhere, few surprise extra minutes in a day?

For a while now, my favorite problem like that has been finding a nice way to divide up a square into the seven triangle types.  I love tangrams, and I like Pierre Van Hiele's mosaic puzzle even better.  If you do too, stop reading right now and try this problem.  It's fun and worth a surprising amount of thought.  (For me, anyway.)  Then suddenly this week, one of my little thumbnail sketches worked out.  I don't know whether to be happy or sad.  Being a geogebra nerd, I wanted to make a sketch of it, and that led to making a puzzle out of it.

You can print this picture of the pieces to try in real life, or try it with the Geogebra file or as a webpage.    (A solution is an option on the file or webpage.)

But... now I'm left wondering what to think about in those rare extra moments.  Then on Twitter, Justin Lanier (@j_lanier) tweets:
Had an insight in the shower this morning. Example: .717171... = .717171.../1 = .717171.../.999999... = 71/99 (!)
 Hmmm.  Really?  Maybe it's a coincidence, because 100 times .717171... minus the original leaves you 99... hmm.  Would it work for .717171.../.6666... ?  It does.  Tweet back:
@ cool. So is .a_1 a_2...a_n repeating / .xxx... =a_1...a_n/xx...x (n times) for any x? Or divided by .b_1 b_2... b_m repeating ...
Which connects to another problem (from Dave Coffey) I like thinking about: how many digits does it take 1/17 to repeat and how can you tell?  In general?

OK.  Deep breath.  There's always more problems.


  1. "the seven triangle types"

    Hmm, that's a good question in itself. How many kinds of triangles are there?

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