Thursday, December 28, 2023


 So what have I been up to?

The biggest project this year has been working on Teaching Like Ted Lasso. 95% or more is Dave Coffey - inspiration, planning, and production. And I get to play along! There's a YouTube channel and the home for all the audio. We get to talk to so many interesting researchers and teachers. 

One of my favorite interviews this year was Nicora Placa:

I also get to commute with my son Xavier, a first year high school art teacher, and have an occasional low-tech, barely produced podcast with him, Background Noise. It's a little art education, a little math education, and mostly just talking teaching.

Speaking of teaching, after years of a highly variable teaching load, it has settled into a couple elementary math teacher education courses, a high school math education course, a seminar where a smaller group of students develop math games, and a math history capstone. One of the elementary courses is actually in an elementary school. The future teachers get to actually teach kids every class day, feedback from great teachers, observation by me and another student (when I can get one). The framework my colleague Esther developed for this (with others) is mediated field experience. We spoke about it at a local math teacher education conference. Here's the handout. The course page for the class is, and the lessons I wrote for the teaching (with a wide range of influences, colleagues, articles, curricula...) are here

There will soon (fingers crossed) be a series of blogposts with this year's games. We actually wound up with two seminars of five each.  Good stuff from elementary to secondary. One group developed a middle school Desmos Escape Room with a spooky monster theme. As a teaser, here's the video for one of our group games, Math Heads, which has been tested with 6th grade middle school students, algebra students and college math majors. Ryan Brummel made this video. Here's the handout with the rules and a form to support players,

I continue to futz about with math/art. 

From one, two, three, four. The Tumblr posts have variations and links to the GeoGebra for generating them.

I cartoon when I have time or am challenged like in Mathober. They're pretty geeky. Some are college + math and some are elementary.

Just a sampler... what have you been working on?

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