Sunday, June 19, 2016

World Tessellation Day 2016 Gallery

I got to hand draw a couple tessellation attempts for a service project Playing with the patterns later made two that I liked.

There's a classic semiregular tiling pattern with squares and equilateral triangles. I wondered if you could make one that had three triangles at each vertex but in different combinations.

Turns out maybe not. Everything I tried wound up with a spot with 6 green triangles. But I did find a new to me combo. I like that it has one 60, one 90 and one 120 degree angle at each vertex. (On MathToyBox)

The other one was built around a kite with a 90 degree vertex. I had to make that one afterward in GeoGebra. Not a lot of flexibility in design, but I liked the square & rhombus gaps.

Some of what I saw around Twitter and Facebook was just so delightful, I wanted to archive it.

Another great Cristóbal Vila video, Ars Qubica, via Daniel Ruiz Aguilera.

The founder of this here holiday sharing pics from a tessellation get together. With excellent toys.

I guess math doesn't suck!

Some excellent tiles. That's the Cairo Tessellation at right!

Now some awesome environments...

And nowsome action shots! Love the ones from Simon Gregg's class especially!

Happy World Tessellation Day! See you next year.

No better way to end than Jennifer Silverman and Steve Vai shredding!

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