Sunday, October 14, 2012

Angle Acquisition

Quick game idea. I've had a few bustling around, and I've got to get started writing them down.

Observing student teachers is a great job. I get to see and have in depth teaching discussions with lots of hard-working, talented teachers.  And see a broad range of content. We use a coaching model, which helps these be positive exchanges and ratchet up the interest level of the dialogue.

I was observing Terry Austen (the class he writes about here) and realized that once students knew the terminology well for parallel lines they were correctly identifying and applying the relevant properties.

That gave me the idea for a game. I thought it would be neat if students used the terminology to capture points. My first idea was to have a parallel line puzzle - I like those as practice, too - and have the players build it and then take the pieces. That's a lot of set up, though, so I decided on cards to make for less preparation. There's name cards to cut out, still.

Let me know what you think. I'll try it out with the PSTs this semester and post an update.

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