Thursday, January 19, 2012

Out of Bread

Out of bread this morning so ... tortillas for the kids' sandwiches. (Making tight little appetizer style rolls.) The first piece of salami for my Ysabela's funroll (marketing considerations) instantly prompted my math curiosity.

Any questions?

But then I wondered about what photo would be best for #anyqs?



And then just because...

Mmmm, ellipses. Did you see that eccentricity comic recently? (Xavier won't eat salami.)

I think the original photo (Zero) is the best for getting at the question I like here - how many pieces of salami to cover the tortilla? One gets at diameter comparison, Two does that even more literally, and Three might help create some dissonance. Which would you use?

I neglected to take pictures of the fun rolls (TM) despite my recent interest in spirals. May have to make a jelly roll.

1 comment:

  1. John, I love it!

    Great to see math popping up in everyday life situations, like making the kids' lunches.

    This would be a great question for, oh say Grade 5-7s, don't you think? Something to get their (mental) teeth into, applying their knowledge of pi r^2.

    Good stuff.

    By the way, Bon Crowder sent me here, glad she did.