Thursday, December 1, 2011

SBG Resources

From Rainbowcatz @ Flickr
I was gathering Standards Based Grading (SBG) resources for a colleague and thought that would be worth sharing.  Maybe this should be a LiveBinder? There's a definite math focus to my selections below, those it's not strict. Many people refer to SBG as Standards Based Assessment and Reporting (SBAR), which gets the whole 'grade' idea right out.

People: (Name links to Twitter)

Fundamentals and Further:
Twitter discussion
  • #sbar - find more SBG folk, or people trying it in your discipline, by a Twitter search.
  • #sbarbook - book group that 'meets' weekly for discussion about a particular book on assessment. Doesn't look like this semester's book is very engaging, though.

For completeness sake, here's my 2 (so far) SBG posts. Hey, this makes 3! If there are more examples of SBG in college, especially college math, please help me find them.


  1. I've posted a few times about allowing re-testing. (Search Math Mama Writes for SBG.) It may not be full-fledged SBG (and I don't care for that name, really), but It has made a big difference for many of my students. I see them taking lots more responsibility for their learning.

  2. I've posted a few things about grading on my blog.


    are a few worth noting, although they're not college-specific.

    Thanks for sharing your resources!