Monday, August 29, 2011

Portfolio Mine

So the karma police have come calling, and after all the portfolios that I have demanded from students I have had to put one together myself.  It is for promotion to professor.

I have long thought that my scholarship choices (presentations and inservices over publishing, not that many people don't do both) meant not being a full professor, but this blog has given me a reason to write in a way that fits me to a T.  Let me take a moment to thank anyone reading this for whatever attention you've given my writing.  It was also clear in writing just how important collaboration is to me, so I'd like to thank any colleagues, IRL or Twitter/Blog who might read this. I have truly been blessed in my vocation.

Since the heart of this blog is trying to share openly and honestly, here's the portfolio. If you have questions or comments, I'd love to hear them. The university still requires a paper portfolio, and it was a job figuring out how to capture it in a binder. Which takes me back to why am I having students make paper binders again...?

By the great Charles Schultz, of course.


  1. Impressive portfolio! Good luck with your promotion to professor! I'm at a PD day sharing ideas that we covered in class this summer with my fellow teachers. Here's to a great school year!