Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Graphing Stories: Balloon and Tower

Yeah! I have rarely been so excited to get an email.  "We just pulled your Graphing Story out of the oven!" The only downside is that my name is prominent, when I really just incited other people to make them.  But I'm still geeked. Huge props to Dan Meyer and BuzzMath for doing this.

First, the Balloon.  Filmmaker - Anna Minnebo, Balloonist - Gregg Minnebo.

Second, The Towers of Hanoi. Stacker/Graphist - Eric Thuemmel; Camera - Monica Leneway.  In the original he just got the fourth stack complete on the 15th second, but it just barely gets cut off here. He was quick.

Still to come: four simultaneous tower builders... can understand why the graph for that is a special problem.

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