Friday, August 13, 2010

Math and Tech: Fri

Last day of school!   Where's the joy? As Maria asked: "I know you're tired, but didn't you have fun?  It's because you were learning!"  If you're interested in the whole week of notes, try mccmath.

Friday Morning

Playing to Learn - Maria Anderson

Don't let me tell you, see for yourself.  (Link goes to Maria's famous Prezi.)  Other suggestions:
  • If you assign a game, can ask them to play to a certain score.  Or post a screenshot of their high score in the discussion board.
  • A good game gets harder as you get better.
  • Look for when the math is the game.  Not just practice.
  • Line Gem
  • Factortris
  • Manga High - several games with good content and game play, and superhigh production values.  I signed up yesterday, and I've already gotten unsolicited emails asking to help me upload students name.
  • Waker - this is a wicked fun game of graphing that also has nice situational problem-solving.  (That's the screenshot at right.)  Compare to Woosh.  (Nice learning experiment: does narrative help? It must, right?)
  • Jane McGonagol on gaming for a better world. (TED)
  •  Support the development of good math games.  Say you'll use them, describe what makes the good ones good.
Friday Afternoon

Presentations.  Our assignment: 5 min, 20 slides, (quick, how long per slide?) to share what we learned, resources to share, and our goals going forward.

My Prezi. Pretty lame for such a good week.

From the presentations:
    One person even used DimDim to present remotely!  How tech is that?

    Was a good week.  If it's open next year - you should consider it.  We could all use a little change.

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