Monday, April 19, 2010

Web Roundup

After sending links to a few people, I seem to always come to the conclusion that I should just be posting them.

Dan Meyer's excellent TEDx talk on Math Curriculum (and problem solving, and tech enhancement...):

What do you care enough about to make the subject of your 10-20 min TEDx talk?  You can find Mr. Meyer's excellent blog at, called dy/dan.  I saw this video first via Michael Paul Goldenberg

There's a kind of interesting web of blog posts on what interest is and how to generate it.  I'd start at wehrintheworld, which I found via Ben Casochna. (an entrepeneurial site.  Hmm.)  I'm interested because of how interest relates to engagement.  Which is Holy Grailish for me.

On an almost total aside, I've also been deeply interested in the fantastic images from Iceland's volcano, from two different educational sites:
 Both came up in What's Hot in Google Reader, so hat tip: internet.

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