Friday, December 4, 2009

Why Pi?

Quick book review.

Why Pi? is a DK picture book/encylcopedia by Johnny Ball. The author sounds as if he was the Mr. Wizard of Great Britain in the 70s, and is the author of many books, several of which are math and science related. But this is my first of his.

Xavier (9) says: it's really good. I bow to whoever suggested it. It was fun and funny.

Ysabela (10) says: it's kind of funny, but in an interesting way. It's got a lot of information, but is definitely enjoyable reading. And it has Egyptians, awesome.

John (45) says: the book was unexpectedly thorough. It has a lot of excellent math and science history, from several ancient cultures, and deeply explores the concept of measurement as it pertains to many topics. It is a great read, and a solid reference. Despite this exposure coming from the library, I will be looking to purchase it. As the kids have pointed out, it is long on humor, and deep in breadth. (Both difficult quantities to measure.)

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