Friday, November 6, 2009

Golden Math Cartoon & Math Teachers at Play 19

I had to post this. I'm trying to help edit a collection of extension activities for Geometry being put together by teams of students under Char Beckmann for the Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics. (The Sum More books - more as they become available.) One of the activities involves cutting up a cartoon and then trying to arrange it in order to make the idea of arranging arguments in order in a proof. Long ramble, here's the cartoon: (Click for full size)

Their take on a pi joke. Pretty good for 9 and 10, eh? I inked it, and was told I boffed Fiddlestick's mouth in the last frame. They did a great job putting in clues as to what comes next.

Math Teachers at Play 19 (back on numbering) came out last Friday. My contribution was Area Block. The carnival is moving to a monthly schedule, which I think will be good. What was most fascinating to me:
  • Maria Anderson, just up the road in Muskegon, is doing amazing work with technology in a math for elementary teachers class. I've got to meet her sometime!
  • Jason Dyer's post on a reading experiment was interesting. (I wonder if it has to do with this cognitive miser issue. (Not a MTAP link.)
  • Kendra at the Pumpkin Patch had a cute, quick sum game.
Lots more interesting stuff, including Sue (the host, Math Mama) interviewing a micro-photographer about his math.

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