Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One Page Wonders

One option for my students to review, in this mini-6 week semester (odd but true that it seems equally as hard for students to remember the beginning of the course), is a One Page Wonder. I can not remember how I stumbled across them first, but this page at the bookpublisher Tor was the first one I'd seen. They use an old topologists trick to turn a single sheet of paper into an 8 page mini-book that can begin at any page, also be several different four page mini books, or fold to show any one single panel at a time.

When making a story for a one page wonder, it's important to have panels that can go in various orders to get the maximum effect. The first one of my own I made was this Batman one for my son's birthday, and my daughter has made a clever Warriors (the cats) one for herself and a neat gift wonder. Doesn't take long to try, and you'll surely enjoy it - so give it a go!

What's the value for my students? Connections and synthesis are two of the comprehension processes from Mosaic of Thought, the seminal text on teaching for comprehension. (That link goes to the publisher, where there's a sample chapter. Also, they're just now having a sale, $7.50 off. Go quick!). In a one-page wonder summary for the class, you'll have to narrow down to 8 important points, and get to see them connect to each other in different ways. If I get any neat ones turned in, I'll share them here.

Here's the Batman one: (click images for the full size picture)

I even used them in a bible class (also with a vid of how they work).

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