Monday, May 31, 2010

Web Roundup

Guillermo Bautista is starting a new blog carnival on Multimedia and Math, focusing on technology and connections. Check his announcement on Mathematics and Multimedia, and post to the carnival here.

Kate Nowak is writing about starting your own blog.   Given me some food for thought.  She links to Sam Shah's worthwhile article on it, too.

Knowing my love for games, Sue Van Hattum (Math Mama Writes) sent me the link to this neat Geometry Taboo game at  Teaching ninJa, which had some other neat posts, also.  Sue just posted/linked an awesome/awful video about the L-Curve distribution of wealth in the US.  Has me wondering what a reasonable or equitable wealth/income distribution would look like.  Is the L-Curve necessary in any way?

Michael Paul Goldenberg (no relation) reordered Dan Meyer's What Can You Do With It? series chronologically, instead of the usual blog reverse order.  Hope neither he nor Dan don't mind me sharing it here - he sent it out on the MathTalk mailing list.  MPG blogs at  It was some drudge work on Michael's part, but cool idea.  I had the list here, but he's since put it on his blog.  So go there.

There's kind of a standards based grading theme going.  I've got to figure out some stuff about that and how it applies to process goals.  Shawn at Think Thank Thunk and Kate at f(t) (where does she get the time?).

Comic from the often quite funny Chuck & Beans at the  Like the card company.

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