Reading & Viewing Recommendations

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 I wanted to add a page with some basic reading/viewing recommendations.  Partly as a resource for preservice teachers and my students, but also for myself.  If you have suggestions, please let me know.  This is definitely an in progress page.  After a too-short list of blogs it is mostly organized around specific topics. Although there are many interesting posts, these are the posts I find myself going back and rereading or wanting to save and share somehow.

These things tend to become an exercise in completism, so I’m intentionally trying to pare down here. In my RSS stream I’m up over 200 math/math ed/ed blogs. I've switched from Reader (curse you, Google), to Feedly.  I welcome suggestions as to what you would list here - especially for the specific posts.

Grr - switching to the Google doc has the links opening in the embedded frame. You'll want to right click or control click till I get it sorted. Sorry. If you'd rather view as a Google doc, it's here.

Other Readings
We made a collaborative effort to put together a list of essential articles and books for math education: (With Christopher Danielson, David Wees, Maria Droujkova. Only I am D-less.) That's a Google doc where we welcome your input.

When I was prepping for teaching our math, I also asked for help to make a list of big idea math books. Great reading suggestions: I also have a blogpost for my favorite math books that includes children's books.

Must have to blog about it. For Twitter, see here.