Thursday, June 16, 2011

Carpet Questions

Went to get on the elevator at work, and like a bad stereotype of the absent-minded prof almost said "Oh! Excuse me" to this roll of carpet. I thought, 'I should take a picture of that!'   Got my student Ted to pose with it, and I'm asking: any questions?

Ted said, "I thought that's what that was about." 

Here are more photos.  The label probably has the answer to many questions that could be asked.  The original image is on the left, a shot of the edge of the roll, and then the shot of the label. Ted is 6 feet precisely, so perfect for the occasion.

One further thing I'm wondering is that when the carpet is laid out it looks like it's actually in squares instead of from rolls.  So now I'm wondering if that's an illusion or ...

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