Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Student Teacher Self-Evaluation

In seminar today, we tackled the idea of evaluation.  We contrasted the traditional evaluation of sorting (these students can, these students can't) with Vygotsky's (what can students do, what are they trying to do, what can they not do yet).  Dave shared sample rubrics that his wife developed with her first grade students.  (See them in this post.)

We asked the students to develop three panel rubrics in terms of Jim Knight's framework for coaching: What does effective teaching look like in these areas?

Classroom Management
:-) :-| :-(

Supporting learners to find meaning in math

Select activities learners would enjoy

Give candy to get learners to participate
Clear and consistent routine for students Inconsistent routine or unclear to students No routine for students

:-) :-| :-(
Relational Understanding with learners in mind
    Relational Understanding
      Instrumental Understanding

        :-) :-| :-(
        Empowering Learners
          Uncovering Content
            Covering Content

              :-) :-| :-(
              Implementing a variety of assessment approaches and monitoring effectiveness
                Recognizing that I need to know more
                  Typical summative assessments without a purpose

                    The student teachers started off by focusing on the smiley faces, mostly on Classroom Management (the first one on the board).  Dave filled in the above as a demonstration off the top of his head.  And we realized that this was going way beyond today.  It was feeling more like a semester long project, as we collectively learn more about being effective teachers.  One TA later shared that she felt mostly she knew about the frowny faces.  Didn't know what she wanted to be yet, but had some ideas what she didn't want to be.  Makes sense to me.

                    I'll continue to share as these develop.  It would be terrific if any readers might share share elements of what would be on their rubric.

                    Photo credits: From Flickr - bryangeek, rutty, jamiemw

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