Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Workshop and Responsibility

For a presentation at Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics 2010.  It went pretty interestingly - teachers really focused on the idea of choice.  There was a lot of interest in thinking about student responsibility.  Quite a bit of interest in the parallel with learning language and the Conditions of Learning.

It's hard to believe that I haven't written more about workshop here.  The idea is transferred from the workshop structure used in elementary literacy teaching.  This presentation, though, is more about the importance of having a structure that aligns with your beliefs about learning, and how that supports students to take more responsibility for their own learning.  I'm not big (nor is my co-presenter) on telling others how to do things, but we do want to share what we've been doing, why, and how it's working out.

It's my first Prezi, so... sorry!  Handouts are after the prezi. (Direct link to the Prezi site if that's preferred.)

Main handout, includes our contact info and references, and 4th and 8th grade low stress sample workshops.

Overview of the Workshop Structure as we practice it, with some of our motivation.

Workshop Connections

Handouts with sample workshops

Anything I forgot?  Just write me.

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